How can I delete my account?

Account deletions for .id namespace are very different from other websites you might be used to. This is because the underlying technology, Blockstack, is a completely decentralized DNS system powered by a blockchain.

Your username is registered on a public decentralized network (blockchain) and a history of your name registration will remain there. Forever. However, you can remove the current version of your profile data. After a "deletion" your account might look like this:

  "temptemptemp": {
    "owner_address": "1UGQbEV6JXEk1onBzDoNGikrCjeXenA75", 
    "profile": {}, 
    "verifications": []

i.e., all information other than the username and the owner's Bitcoin address can be removed. Your username will eventually expire (1 year after registration) and at that time it will be treated as an unregistered username. Someone else can register and start using it at that point. 

If you have a Blockstack ID and wish to have all data associated with that ID deleted, please provide us with the Blockstack ID and then please verify that you are the owner of the ID by updating the information in your ID's profile to say "Delete Me" and add the current date. Once that is complete, please email us that it has been completed and we will verify and delete the associated data.

Please note that we are only able to delete data to the extent it is on a Blockstack-hosted Gaia hub. If it is hosted on a non-Blockstack Gaia hub, you'll have to delete such data yourself or work with the host of that Gaia hub for deletion.
Once the above is completed, if you want your profile data to be removed, please contact support at

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