What can I do with my blockchain ID?

Your blockchain ID is your online identity that you're truly in control of. 


You can use your blockchain ID as a simple personal webpage. It's a great way to introduce yourself to others and provably link your existing online accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Github etc) to it.

You can also embed your blockchain ID on your website and proudly display your blockchain identity. You can embed it on your team page like we've done at Onename or on your personal website or blog like Fred Wilson. The profile embedding tool is here.


We're actively developing exciting new features and functionality; this is just the start. Soon, you'll be able to present your blockchain ID when logging into applications, and eventually you'll be able to use it when asked to present identification in an in-person context (as you would with a passport or driver's license).

To stay updated on new features, check out our blog.

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